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No Soccer club can exist without qualified Referee's. Refereeing soccer is a great way to give back to the game and earn a little extra money.  Now's the time to register for an entry-level referee course.  To find one that fits your schedule or to register to take a course visit the Referee Calendar.

News & Info

Want To Be A Referee?  Now's The Time To Take The Certification Course
Anyone interested in becoming a USSF certified referee for 2010 should take one of the upcoming entry level courses.  For individuals 15 and younger, you must take the Grade 9 Entry-level course; completion of this course will be certified to work in-house and district travel games.  Individuals 16 and older, may take either the Grade 9 or Grade 8 Entry-level course to be certified to work games at all levels of play.

To view the course schedule or to register visit the Referee Calendar.

Information For New Referees
Are you a new referee?  Do you have a few questions unrelated to the Laws of the Game?  You're not alone and now USSF has published some information to help you.  To view the most recent memorandum from USSF titled "Information For New Referees" click here.

Pre-game/Post-game Procedures for Teams and Referees

The PA West Soccer Youth Board has set forth a clearly defined procedure for team check-in and for post-game wrap-up. The procedures were developed to provide teams and referees a standard set of guidelines in order to facilitate a consistent pre-game and post-game at all levels of play and in all clubs.
To review the procedure or download the procedures click here.

Important Information For All Referees
All referees should obtain the following information prior to accepting a match assignment:
    1) The match or tournament is a sanctioned event through one of the USSF affiliate members (US Youth Soccer, US Adult Soccer, AYSO, etc.);
    2) The assigned match is within the limitations (competition level and age group) of the referee’s/assistant referee’s present grade certification;
    3) All members of the referee crew, assigned to the match, are within the limitations for their present grade certification;
    4) All members of the referee crew are certified for the present year (2008).

USSF Issues Memo On Padded Goals
US Soccer has issued a memorandum on the use of padded goals.  Click here to review 

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