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U8/U9 Rules

Understanding the Game

Corner Kick


A corner Kick is Awarded when the Ball Crosses the Goal Line and is last Touched by a Defensive Player, and Doesn't result in a Goal.
One Member of the Attacking Team takes the Kick from the Corner Arc. A Goal may be Scored from this Kick.
Also remember the Opposing Team must remain 10 Yards from the Ball as it is Kicked and the Kicker may not Kick the Ball a Second time Until Touched by Another Player.




Goal Kick


A Goal Kick is Awarded when the Ball (after being kicked by the Offense)crosses the Goal Line but not within the Goal Scoring Area.



Penalty Kick


A Penalty Kick is Awarded after a Serious Rule Infraction takes place in the Panalty Area. It is a Direct Free Kick
All Players Except the Goalkeeper and Kicker must Stay Outside of the Penalty Area.
The Goalkeeper must Stand on the Goal Line and may Not Move Until the Ball is Kicked.




Direct Free Kick


There are Nine Prohibited Acts for which a Referee can Award a Direct Kick to the Offending Team. They are as follows:

1. Kicking or Attempting to Kick an Opponent.
2. Tripping or Attempting to Trip an Opponent.
3. Holding an Opponent.
4. Striking or Attempting to Strike an Opponent.
5. Pushing an Opponent.
6. Handling the Ball, (i.e.) Carries, Strikes, or Porpels with His Hands or Arms.
7. Charges an Opponent in a Violent or Dangerous Manner.
8. Charges an Opponent from Behind.
9. Jumping at an Opponent.

The Kick is taken from the Point where the Infraction Occurred, except in the Case of a Penalty Kick.
The Direct Free Kick which is often referred to as a One Kick Foul means that a Goal can be Scored Directly from the Kick without Touching another Player.




Indirect Free Kick


An Indirect Free Kick is Awarded when a Player Intentionally Commits One of the Following Fouls:

1. A Player who takes a Free Kick and Plays the Ball a Second Time before another Player Touches the Ball.
2. A Goalkeeper takes more than Four Steps.
3. Wins and Gracious when your Team loses.
4. Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
5. Offside's Violation (
see description below).
6. Obstruction. Obstructing an Opponent and not Playing the Ball.

On an Indirect Free Kick a Goal cannot be Scored Directly from the Kick.
The Ball Must Touch another Player besides the Kicker before a Goal can be Scored.





Off Side's


Off sides is Perhaps the Most Misunderstood Rule in Soccer.
While going Toward an Opponent's Goal, the Offensive Team may not Have a Player Ahead of the Ball Unless there are Two Defending Players Present. The Exceptions to this Statement are:

1. When the Player is in His Own Half of the Field of Play.
2. If the Ball was Last Touched by an Opponent, or
3. The Downfield Player is not Involved in the Play.

The Referee has the Right to Call or not Call the Offside's Infraction Depending upon Whether the Offending Player is Seeking an Unfair Advantage.
We ask that Before Reacting to an Offside's Call or Non-Call, Parents and Coaches are Advised to Clarify the Situation.

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