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Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct:

Parents:  We ask that you read the code of conduct for your child and Coaches.  If at any time you feel that any of the game rules or conduct codes are being abused or broken, please speak to the coach first, and if further action is needed please contact a board member.  WE WANT TO KNOW!

1. Let the coaches do the coaching. Yelling instructions from the sidelines, though well intended, usually confuses your child.

2. Be supportive of the coaches. The coaches are volunteers giving up personal time and effort to provide a recreational activity for your child.

3. Children need positive role models. They are very much aware of how we behave in different situations, so please maintain self-control at all times.

4. Honestly and wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of your players and their opponents.

5. Understand that it takes honest effort and a positive attitude to grow and develop in soccer, as in life.

6. Be fair always, no matter what the cost.

7. Do not use profane language on the field or sidelines. Use of it will result in the removal of your player's coach, and if the referee determines the offense severe enough, even a sideline offense may remove your coach or end the game.

8. DO NOT openly question an official's judgment and honesty. Officials represent symbols of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship. Hostile criticism of referees is not tolerated.

10. Remember your players' coach is held responsible for the behavior of the team and the fans.

1. Treat your coaches, referees, and opponents with respect and courtesy.

2. Be a team player. Help others become better players, thus making your team better.

 3. Give 100%, but play within the rules and spirit of the game.

4. Be fair always, no matter what the cost.

5. Accept the referee's decisions.

1. Each player must play one-half of each game. All players will have equal playing time.

2. When an opposing team is playing short, our coaches are encouraged to play the same number of players on the field. Remember this is RECREATIONAL soccer.

3. Treat the players, parents, referees, and opponents with respect and courtesy.

4. Accept the decisions of the referees with grace and respect.

5. Hold your players accountable for their actions; help them to be the best they can be.

6. Teach and inspire your players to love the game and to compete fairly within the rules and spirit of the game.

7. Be a role model.

8. Have control and maintain a positive discipline at ALL TIMES.

9. The coach shall be responsible for his actions, control of team members, and control of the team's fans, including parents.

10. Do not use profane language on the field or sidelines. You will be removed from the game.

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